Graman G70 Wood Shaft
Graman G70 Wood Shaft

Graman G70 Wood Shaft

ID : DK-0570
Brand : Graman
Condition :  New
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The Graman G70 series is designed for a player with a quick tempo looking for a lower launch angle. This stable tip design low torque shaft is sure to launch the ball lower with less spin for a more penetrating ball flight. The Graman G Series is logo aligned so when installed logo up the shaft is set at its optimum flex line. Each shaft is marked with the CPM and with tolerances of +/- 1 CPM the Graman G Series line is manufactured to the tightest standards in graphite shaft manufacturing.

G-Series QUALITY is better than other more expensive popular name brands

G-Series shaft has the actual CPM marked on each shaft

Guaranteed + or - 1 CPM or less

Logo on shaft is aligned with optimum flex line

Color : Liquid Silver

Shaft Length : 47"

Torque : 2.4

Tip Diameter : .335 Parallel

Butt Diameter : .600

Parallel Tip Section : 4"


Bend Point : Mid/Low

Launch Angle : Mid/High

Weight (gr) : 67


Bend Point : Mid

Launch Angle : Mid

Weight (gr) : 69


Bend Point : Mid

Launch Angle : Mid

Weight (gr) : 72