Aldila Voodoo 75 Shaft
Aldila Voodoo 75 Shaft

Aldila Voodoo 75 Shaft

ID : DK-0519
Brand : Aldila
Condition :  New
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What sets the VooDoo shaft apart from others is its patent-pending S-core (stabilized core) Technology, designed to increase distance and provide outstanding accuracy with each swing. The real “magic” of the VooDoo is the high-modulus carbon stabilization rib running the length of the shaft. This innovative rib structure increases hoop strength/stiffness so much that it is 80 percent greater than conventional graphite. The increased stability allows the VooDoo to better resist shaft ovaling and deformation during the swing, which maximizes energy transfer to the ball and yields unparalleled distance and accuracy. And because the shaft's symmetry is maintained throughout the swing, it loads and unloads more consistently, enabling you to more reliably deliver the clubhead to the ball with every stroke.

Bend Point : Mid
Launch Angle : Mid
Color : Black/Red
Shaft Length : 46"
Tip Diameter : .335 Parallel
Butt Diameter : .630
Parallel Tip Section : 3"

Torque : 3.9
Weight (gr) : 74

Torque : 3.2
Weight (gr) : 75

Torque : 2.8
Weight (gr) : 76