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Womens Pink Weighted Exercise Gloves - 1

ID : Womens Pink Weighted Exercise Gloves - 1
Condition :  New
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Provides cushion and comfort while adding lightweight resistance to your workouts! Helps with hand speed, coordination as well as increased endurance. Strengthens and tones your arms and shoulders. Perfect for those looking for a light workout. You will feel the added weight because your arms and shoulders will be getting an additional workout.
Great for long endurance boxing, kickboxing, treadmill routines, walks, and other cardiovascular activities. Improves cardio and conditioning. Even while traveling, these weighted gloves can easily be packed in your gym bag, carry on or luggage without worrying about extra weight or space!
Sport Pioneer left and right hand weighted gloves weigh 1 pound each. Easy to put on and off! Secure the gloves with the adjustable Velcro closure. These glove are perfect for adding light weight to workouts without weighing you down!
Extremely comfortable and made out of a breathable neoprene fabric. Well balanced construction to cushion your hands. The weighted gloves stay fastened and do not slip while in use.