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Turbo Power Ti11 Hybrid / Iron Heads

ID : Comp-HYI-Ti11
Brand : Turbo Power
Condition :  New
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This new Ti11 hybrid iron features a sloped crown design and heavier weighted sole that position the Center of Gravity low and away from the face. The sloped crown optimizes a Center of Gravity location and creates a high-launching, versatile alternative to mid and long irons. This unique design promotes more spin and lift for iron-like accuracy and wood-like playability. Hybrid design combines fairway wood distance with the control and accuracy of an iron. Versatile from any lie and more forgiving on mis-hits than traditional long irons. (Clone of the Compare to TaylorMade R11 Hybrids) The Design to help golfers hit higher and longer shots, even those shots struck low on the face. These inertia-driven clubs are highly playable and offer hot ball speeds with either standard or Tour models, so golfers can dial in ideal performance.

The Turbo Power Ti11 irons, TaylorMadeR R11 style, oversize irons are designed with a deeply undercut cavity and a recessed weight that moves the center of gravity farther behind the face for optimal launch angles with enhanced forgiveness. The Turbo Power Ti11 irons have a traditional look with all the enhancements of the latest technology. Golfers can make a swing that puts the ball where he wants with the confidence the Turbo Power Ti11 irons give him.

(Compare to TaylorMade R11)