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Tri Power hi-MOI Titanium Driver Club Heads

ID : Comp-T-RJ-TriPower
Brand : Integra
Condition :  New
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Compare to Taylor R7 CGB Max

The new Tri-Power Hi-MOI driver heads utilize a triangular shape that moves the center of gravity deep behind the face creating a very high moment of inertia club head. This high MOI (Moment of Inertia) driver head creates high deep shots down the fairway. With the deep center of gravity in this 460cc head a more forgiving club can be built and adjusted for each individuals game. Each head is equipped with three interchange-able weights (two 2 gr and one 10 gr). The 10 gram weight is positioned in the rear of the club head to promote a neutral ball flight. However, the 10g weight can be quickly moved (with a 4mm allen wrench) to the heel to help promote a draw or out on the toe to promote a fade in less than a minute. The Tri-Power Hi-MOI driver with it's high MOI (moment of inertia) and Inverted Cone Technology gives the club unsurpassed forgiveness for long, straight results on off center hits.