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Integra SoooLong 175 Offset Driver Head
Integra SoooLong 175 Offset Driver Head

Integra SoooLong 175 Offset Driver Head

ID : DK-0353
Brand : Integra
Condition :  New
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The Integra Sooo Long 175 Offset beta titanium ultra light weight driver allows you to hit the longest drives of your life. When combined with a 45 gram shaft and lightweight grip (which we highly suggest to get the maximum potential from this driver head) this driver weighs an amazing 240 grams assembled! That is 75 grams lighter than a normal titanium driver! This lighter weight and long length (47") driver naturally promotes a faster swing speed for added momentum upon impact. The cup face design expands the sweet spot of the driver and allows for maximum spring effect and distance. The physics formula is Energy equals Mass times the Square of the Velocity, thereby adding distance to your drives. The offset design allows more time to square the clubface which will help reduce your slice. This 460cc driver is designed for all skill levels and will allow you to the longest tee shots of your life. The technology is revolutionary!

Original OEM Design
NOTE. Because of the lighter head (175 Grams), we suggest to use one flex softer than you normally use. For example, If you normally play stiff, use a regular flex.
Includes Free Headcover


Driver Lie(+-1) 58

Driver Weight(+-3) 175 grams

Driver Volume 460cc

Face Height 56mm

Face Material 15-3-3-3 Titanium

Face Angle 1.5 Degree Closed w/offset

Face Thickness 3.0-2.5mm

Bulge/Roll 10"/10"

Diameter .335 Parallel Tip

Hosel Depth 56mm

Color White