Integra PL Fit Driver Head
Integra PL Fit Driver Head

Integra PL Fit Driver Head

ID : DK-0244
Brand : Integra
Condition :  New
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Never before have golfers had such flexibility in head and shaft combinations. Our new design allows players the ability to create the perfect driver every time they play. This concept works by utilizing a patented technology that allows a threaded driver head and shaft to be interchanged without the use of heat and epoxy. Simply screw any golf shaft into the reverse threaded driver and tighten with a wrench. The second feature uses a small screw on the hosel for extra security. Within seconds you can take one shaft out and put one shaft in. For example, if the course is very windy, use a high bend point and firm tipped shaft to help bring your ball flight down. If you are playing an open and wide golf course, use a lighter shaft longer than standard for those extra yards. The Integra Soolong PL-FIT driver head is designed with the better player in mind and incorporates features that allow for maximum distance and maximum workability. This technology works with any .335 parallel tip wood shaft.

Each Driver Comes with 3 Shaft Adaptors, 3 Ferrules, 3 O-Rings and 2 Tightening Tools
Original OEM Design


Driver Lie(+-1) 58

Driver Weight(+-3) 201 grams

Driver Volume 460cc

Face Height 54.5mm

Face Material 15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium

Face Angle .5 Degree Closed

Face Thickness 2.9-2.7mm

Diameter .335 Parallel Tip

Bulge/Roll 10"/10"

Hosel Depth 36mm

Color Black