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Acer XDS Insider Titanium Driver Club Heads

ID : Comp-T-HI-TCM1235
Brand : Acer
Condition :  New
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What does every golfer expect when they put a shiny new driver in play? More distance! But the USGA has been putting all sorts of rules and restrictions on club head designs to prevent that very situation from occurring. This is why designers have to be more creative in designing clubs to that will truly enhance their customers? game. One method is to design clubs around the way average golfers swing, rather than creating perfect clubs and expecting golfers to swing that way. In that respect, there is still quite a bit room for improvement.

One of the most common tendencies is when a golfer comes over the top and makes an outside-in move. This is evident by most shots off the tee resulting into a push, fade or the dreaded slice. A Golf Digest article ÁGAdd 42 Yards NowÁF explained that if you were able to change to more of an inside-out movement a golfer who swung 95 mph could gain as much as 42 yards. Of course, this would require a huge change in how the person swings the club and let?s face it most golfers are not going to be able to put in that time and effort. But through creating design features in the club head, the golfer can be encouraged to make more of an inside path.

This is how the Acer XDS Insider got its name. The profile of the head as well as the contour on the crown was specifically designed to create a mental picture of swinging from the inside. This will encourage one to swing the driver on an inside-out swing path instead of that dreaded distance robbing over-the-top move.

The XDS Insider also helps you in two other ways. By adding internal weighting within the head in the heel area, this creates draw spin on center shots. The other method in creating a ÁGdraw biasÁF is the unique asymmetrical sole. More weight is shifted toward the heel in order to assist in rotating the head and squaring the face at impact. The face angle is a little more closed than normal to provide some additional corrective measures. In many cases when a golfer sees a closed club face they are not even aware they are manipulating the club face or their stance open and essentially negating the potential benefit of the clubface being closed.

The Acer XDS Insider's addressed this problem as the face angle is cleverly disguised by the masking on the crown to provide a "square"F appearance so they can just trust their natural swing. Lastly, the Acer XDS Insider also boasts a variable face thickness, cup face design to make the entire club face become one gigantic sweet spot and ensure that you get all the distance possible.