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Champ C1X Putter Golf Grip - Midsize Black/Blue

ID : Champ C1X Putter Golf Grip - Midsize Black/Blue
Condition :  New
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The Champ C1X putter grip offers a unique extension to CHAMP's world-class putter grip offerings. The same soft, lightweight features of the C1 are now available in a parallel shape designed to increase touch and feel on the green. A revamped embossing pattern coupled with the same super soft polyurethane found on the C1 adds additional grip and texture to prevent slippage and increased comfort. A new flat-front parallel shape helps to stabilize putting strokes while encouraging proper grip pressure. The C1X also features a new stitch-back finish for a premium look and a seamless feel all the way around. Two exciting new colorways are available both medium in large sizes.