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50 Piece Bulk Lamkin EBL Paddle 3 Gen Putter Grips

ID : Lamkin EBL Paddle 3 Gen Standard Putter Grip
Condition :  New
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50 Piece Wholesale Bulk Lot

This larger paddle-shaped grip is ideal for golfers with bigger hands or for those who want to take their wrists out of the stroke. The Lamkin E.B.L. Paddle 3GEN Putter Grip features opposing patterns on the front and rear that feel distinctly different from one another. This grip also boasts the same opposing pattern as the E.B.L. Pistol and E.B.L. Paddle - so that your fingers get a slightly different feel than your thumbs. It’s made of Lamkin’s proprietary 3GEN material, the softest synthetic compound that reduces vibration without dulling the feel of your putts. This allows you to keep your forearms relaxed, apply light grip pressure and minimize hand tension for smooth, consistent strokes. The material will not absorb moisture, and its tackiness is activated by toweling off the rip or using a light abrasive brush. It continually performs better if it's cleaned regularly.