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Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking Book & Golf

ID : Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking Book & Golf
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Two companion books at one low price!
The all-new 6th edition Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking book explains in detail the proper procedures for modern clubmaking and the first one every produced in color! Step-by-step photos and detailed text explain how to assemble clubs, trim shafts, installation of grips - every procedure to properly assemble component clubs. There are also more advanced discussions on such topics as setting up a shop, how components are manufactured, frequency and moment of inertia matching to common repair procedures such as finishing a through bore, extending a club, bending an iron to re-boring a hosel. This comprehensive book is perfect for anyone interested in the craft of clubmaking.
The all-new Modern Guide to Golf Clubfitting book is written by Hireko's Technical Director Jeff Summitt who has spent more than 20 years helping fit and educating fellow golfers in selecting the proper equipment for their game. This is a modern approach that details the different concepts of fitting and applicable to professional club fitters down to those that simply want to learn more about the equipment they play. Covers everything you want to know and more about custom fitting, including: getting started, the personal interview, cause and effect relationships, a comprehensive discussion on clubhead anatomy, grip sizing and materials, role of the shaft, vital importance of length and weight as well as complete step-by-step fitting breakdown for each clubhead category set in a logical sequence.