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Tour Gear Alloy Hybrid - Custom Assembled

ID : HK-0092
Brand : Tour Gear
Condition :  New
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The Tour Gear set is perfect for the player ready to invest into their first set of clubs, but on a limited budget. Economical, yet stylish, these will help to get them started off correctly.

The Tour Gear low profile hybrids will make the ideal substitution for those hard-to-hit long irons.

Club: #3
Loft: 22 d
Lie: 60 d
Weight: 236 g
Bounce: 0 d
Face Angle: 0.5 Closed, Square
Face Height: 31 mm
Offset: -9 mm
Volume: 110 cc
Std Clublength: 40 in
Hosel ID: 0.370 in