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Acer XDS Wide Sole Hybrid Iron - Custom Assembled

ID : HK-0076
Brand : Acer
Condition :  New
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If you thought hybrids were easy to hit, the much expanded Acer XDS 'Wide Sole' Hybrid design offers you much more than current hybrid design. In fact, the design is based on fairway wood parameters that allow for the super high launch characteristics that make these hybrids easy to play. This set gradually decreases the volume or size of the head as the loft is increased and less help is usually needed. The rearward center-of-gravity of this hybrid design is enhanced by the rails at the soleplate to help you power through the grass and prevent 'digging' at impact for better quality contact with the ball. With its leading edge designed well forward of the hosel, you will be able to create more lift and produce higher launch angle thus more distance! This game- improvement set of hybrids will allow you to hit that high arching shot that you've always dreamed of hitting. Engineered for standard iron lengths, the Acer 'Wide Sole' Hybrid also provides you with additional control and accuracy. Be the first to employ these new game-improvement clubs at your course and take your game to a higher level!.

Conforms with USGA Rules.

Base price assembled with Acer Velocity Graphite Black and Karma Black Velvet Grip.

Club: #1
Loft: 16 d
Lie: 57 d
Weight: 230 grams
Bounce: 0 d
Face Angle: Square
Face Height: 32mm
Offset: -8mm
Volume: 176cc
Std Clublength: 40 in
Blade Length: 75.5 mm
Hosel ID: 0.370 in