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PowerBilt AirForce One Nitrogen Charge N7 Irons

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Brand : PowerBilt
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The most innovative technology in golf equipment, now available in AirForce One® Irons. This set is made for distance, period. If you need an extra 15-20 yards to bridge those awkward half-swing shots on par 4's or the ability to comfortably drive a long par 3, look no further than this set. The 3-7 comes locked and loaded with PowerBilt's proprietary Nitrogen Charged Technology, their head filled with up to 150psi of Nitrogen that supports a super-thin, forged titanium face. This gives the irons maximum trampoline effect, smash factor and a super-high MOI, making these the most forgiving and logest irons on the market today. The 8-PW have a traditional cavity-back iron design, retaining the forgiveness but increasing their workability for the short shots around the green.

Power; Distance; Forgiveness. What more could you want from an iron set?


Every Air Force One comes with a 5-year leak proof guarantee. PowerBilt can offer this guarantee because they worked with the folks from the Mina Production Facility to develop a patented coating methodology to ensure your club never leaks.


• Less Pressure Fluctuation

• Larger Molecule

• Dry (less water vapor)

• Unreactive to temperature and pressure changes

• Powered By Compressed Nitrogen

• Weightless Face Support

• Maximum Transfer of Energy

• Maximum C.T.

• Maximum Trampoline Effect

• Multiple Face Thicknesses

• Maximum Smash Fact


PowerBilt's new Air Force One technology, the thinnest face in golf, and offers every golfer Maximum Transfer of Energy. Now, for the first time ever, every golfer regardless of swing speed can benefit from Maximum C.O.R., Maximum C.T., Maximum Trampoline Effect, and Maximum Smash Factor.