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Acer XF Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

ID : HK-0038
Brand : Acer
Condition :  New
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Versatility in a great looking and even greater performing fairway wood is just one word to describe the Acer XF. The semi-shallow pear shape will appeal to a wide array of players from beginners to professionals. Each XF fairway uses our exclusive variable crown thickness for ultimate weight distribution, superior balance and unbelievable performance, while the variable face thickness provides an incredible sound and feel at impact.

The XF is also available in various lofts that give players options, including a 4-wood for players looking to consolidate clubs in their bag to make room for a more needed club to fill a void and provide better course management skills. Plus the 4 and 7-wood combination make great companions to the higher lofted driver options.

Club - #3 Wood, #4 Wood, #5 Wood, #7 Wood
Loft - 15 d, 17 d, 19 d, 21 d
Lie - 58 d, 58.5 d, 59 d, 59.5 d
Weight - 210 g, 215 g, 220 g, 230 g
Face Angle - Square
Face Height - 35 mm (#3 Wood)
Volume - 171 cc, 160 cc, 156 cc, 154 cc
Hosel ID - 0.335 in