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Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver
Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver

Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver

ID : ADAMS D 005
Brand : ADAMS
Condition :  New
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The fastest driver in golf. Get more speed and distance with third generation aerodynamic technology. The Adams Speedline Fast10 Driver was developed with our patent pending, aerodynamic shaping and uses the most advanced science available to golf club designers today, including FEA simulation, CFD analysis and actual wind tunnel testing. So bomb away on every drive because all that technology delivers faster club head speed and more distance. How much more? You’ll get up to 15 yards more distance than the leading drivers on the market today.


Builds on the refined aerodynamics principals that has been a staple of Adams Golf for years
Provides 10% less drag compared to previous models, through dramatically increased toe and heel curvature, and 10% more forgiveness compared to previous models through increased MOI and Face Area, creating an expanded sweet spot
Increased swing speed creates increased ball speed which results in additional distance on drives which is something most non-professional players are looking for in their game
Increased forgiveness means you’re more likely to land in the short grass on off-center hits
Wind-tunnel tested to ensure outstanding aerodynamics for players looking for a little more off the tee