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Adams Speedline 9064LS Driver

ID : ADAMS D 003
Brand : ADAMS
Condition :  New
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The fourth generation aerodynamic technology and advanced mass properties of the new Speedline 9064LS Driver gives golfers up to 15 yards more distance because of increased clubhead speed and less spin.

The 9064LS is the latest aerodynamic breakthrough in the Speedline series that started it all. Faster clubhead speed, less drag and a more piercing ball flight results in more yardage off the tee for golfers of all swing speeds. Adams Golf engineers have made dynamic improvements in this fourth generation that will give golfers, from weekend enthusiasts to tour pros and even the big bombers of the World Long Drive Championship, up to 15 yards more distance. It’s a combined result of 15% less spin, lower drag for increased clubhead speed, and more accurate drives due to increased MOI.

The 9064LS is the new yardage leader, king of speed, and aerodynamic ace in the line that started it all. Speedline.