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Adams Ladies Speedline F11 Driver

ID : ADAMS W 001
Brand : ADAMS
Condition :  New
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Adams Golf started the aerodynamic revolution in golf several years ago with the original Speedline driver. The innovative shaping and refinement of the clubhead gave golfers a driver they could swing faster for more distance. This new technology platform gained numerous accolades (including the Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal) and vaulted praise from aerodynamicists, engineering labs and golfers of all abilities and swing speeds.

Three years later, the new Speedline F11 driver has even better aerodynamic qualities than previous models and more forgiveness than any aerodynamic driver that’s come along. The new patent-pending Velocity Slot Technology that’s visible on the crown and sole keeps the airflow attached throughout the swing which reduces the amount of drag while increasing the speed of the swing. A higher swing speed translates into a higher ball speed which then results in more distance.

With this new Velocity Slot Technology, Adams Golf engineers were able to create a large footprint driver that is not only aerodynamic but also very forgiving and easy to hit. The distance of aerodynamics meets easy-to-hit. It truly is the best of both worlds.