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X9 Extreme MOI Fairway Wood Club Head

ID : Comp-W-RJ-X9
Brand : PGC
Condition :  New
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Conpare to TaylorMade R9

The X9 Extreme MOI (TaylorMade Golf R9Fairway Clone) feature versatility, distance and control all in one space-age package; designed to delivery the most creative shot-making -- a draw or fade is easy

New classic clubhead shape combines super-high Extreme MOI and easy-launching CG position

With the X9 Fairway's Extreme High MOI, the golf club's stability is greatly enhanced on any off center hits producing straighter shots and more distance

# Heavier weight to the toe helps fight a slice

# Heavier weight to the heel helps fight a hook

# The more weight added lowers ball flight and MOI