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Turbo Power Z10 Wide Sole Iron Club Heads

ID : Comp-I-AT-Z10
Brand : Turbo Power
Condition :  New
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The new Turbo Power PGR Z10 iron utilizes a deep and redesigned cavity to promote maximum forgiveness and ease of play through out the set of irons. By lowering the center of gravity and positioning weight to the perimeter of the head the moment of inertia is increased to a point where off center shots are straighter and longer. This Ping clone iron is designed with a head geometry that promotes a solid feel with a high soft landing shot to the green. The Oval Port cavity design dampens vibrations on off center shot for added stability, feel and confidence in your game. With the progressive offset incorporated in the Turbo Power PGR Z10 Ping clone iron head it is a great iron for all playing levels.