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Tour Model T11 Hybrid Club Heads

ID : Comp-HY-RJ-T11
Brand : Tour Model
Condition :  New
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The Integra Tour Model T11 Hybrid Club (TaylorMadeR R11 Hybrid Clone) provides golfers with all the distance, accuracy and versatility they could ever want from a hybrid.

Features a new compact head shape for greater versatility, playability and confidence. Lower Center of Gravity makes it easier to launch the ball high and long.

Weight inserts are positioned at the toe and heel to promote perimeter weight distribution and increased stability. Each head comes standard with 2 x 3-gram weight inserts.

The sleek white finish stands out easily against the green grass.

The new Tour Model T11 Hybrid is everything a good hybrid should be: compact, versatile and easy-to-hit.

Compare to TaylorMadeR R11 Hybrid.