Titleist Pro V1 AAAAA (1 Dozen)

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Condition :  New
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We classify used balls into AAAAA, AAAA, AAA and AA grades. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest quality and 10 being the highest) our grades can be defined as follows:
10 = AAAAA = Mint
7-9 = AAAA = Near Mint
3-6 = AAA = Excellent

This is our top grade. Balls classified as AAAAA are in MINT condition. These balls may have been hit once or twice on the golf course and retain the shiny white look of new golf balls. Most of these balls will look as though they were removed from a new sleeve of balls. Balls with corporate logos and player markings may be found in the lot. We recommend this grade to low handicappers and serious golfers who do not want to overpay for new pro-line balls