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Makes Storing Your Clubs Easy

When you return from a fun but tiring day on the golf course, it's easy to place your clubs in a StoCaddy until you are ready to go back to the course.

Protects Your Clubs from Damage

StoCaddy holds your golf bag securely in place preventing it from falling and damaging your expensive clubs and bag.

Stores Your Golf Bag and Clubs Securely

StoCaddy's patented design holds golf bags securely in place. When StoCaddy was in manufacturing stages, the prototype was tested through several major California earthquakes and not once did it drop our golf bag.

Protects your Vehicle from Damage

Do you worry when your golf bag is stored near your vehicle? In a StoCaddy, your clubs are securely stowed to prevent them from falling and causing expensive damage to your vehicle. Protect your vehicle by placing your clubs in a StoCaddy.

Stores Your Clubs in those Unused Places in Your Garage

Your StoCaddy can stow your golf clubs in those unused places in your garage. It's practical design allow the StoCaddy to hold your clubs high on the wall, low to the ground, or virtually any place your bag will fit. Yet it still allows easy access to your clubs.

Helps Organizes Your Garage

StoCaddy is not only a great Space Saver, it also helps organize your garage. Your garage can go from a cluttered mess to an optimized use of space. Stocaddy is a premium garage organizer.


Color: Black Frame with Black Base
Weight Capacity: 50 lbs
Materials: Made of durable aluminum and high strength plastic
Feature: Provides a dedicated space for golf bag storage
Feature: Extension arms retract when product is not in use

** Made in the USA **


Height: 36.0"

Width: 11.5"

Depth with arms extended: 14.75"

Depth with arms retracted: 3.0"


Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on Defectives

Shipping & Delivery Information

Estimated Ship Carton Dimensions : 38 inches length x 9.5 inches width x 3.5 inches height

Model: 005_DarkNight_BlackBlack
Shipping Weight: 4lbs