S X22 Iron (Compare to Callaway X-22 Pro)

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ID : IS 103
Condition :  New
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Pacific Golf Club's SX-22 Pro custom iron set is similar in design to the Callaway X-22 R irons. The latest technology in "narrow sole" design. In the past, clubs with a narrow sole have typically been somewhat unforgiving, with a smaller sweetspot. This model beefs up the sweetspot at the heel and toe, yet still has the traditional characteristics that the traditional and better player enjoys. Specifically... a sole not as fat as most of today's clubs. This is a WINNER. (Feedback just starting to come in as of early March... AWESOME) This model has a progressive offset, meaning more offset in the long irons, than the short irons. Very little offset in the short irons... which better players tend to love. This model is available left handed, but only in the 304 stainless steel heads.