Rifle Iron 3-PW Shaft Set

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ID : DK-0641
Brand : Rifle
Condition :  New
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Widely used by top players, Rifle features the patented stepless steel design and is Frequency Matched". Available in frequencies as low as 5.0, this consistent PGA Tour winner is an excellent choice for all players.

To ease confusion 5.0=Regular, 5.5=Firm, 6.0=Stiff and 6.5=Stiff Plus.

Shaft Length : Variable

Weight (gr) : Variable

Tip Diameter : .370 Parallel

Butt Diameter : .600

Parallel Tip Section : Variable


Bend Point : Mid

Launch Angle : Mid


Bend Point : Mid/High

Launch Angle : Mid/Low


Bend Point : High

Launch Angle : Low