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PowerBilt Air Force One Air Foil 2 White

ID : PR-AF03
Brand : PowerBilt
Condition :  New
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Want more distance off the tee? Want your shots to go straighter, roll further and just FEEL better? If so, look no further. The PowerBilt Air Force One Air Foil 2, new for the 2011 season, is the ultimate in distance driver technology. Charged with up to 150psi of Nitrogen and paired with the thinnest face in golf, this driver amplifies even the lightest of swings. But the Nitrogen doesn't just add distance. Because the face has no mechanica supports, almost its entire area is a sweet spot!

But what's an amazing driver head without an equally amazing shaft? To truly capitalize on the distance this head delivers, we've set it up with a Fujikura Motore F3 PREMIUM GRAPHITE shaft! The Motore, inspired by the way Formula One racecars hold speed and accelerate out of a turn, stored up more of your swing speed on the downswing and releases all that energy right as you impact the ball. What better to pair with maximum Trampoline Effect than maximum speed?