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Power Play Caiman Rawpower Fairway Wood - Custom

ID : HK-0050
Brand : Power Play
Condition :  New
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Our R&D department spared no expense and ingenuity in creating the ultimate fairway wood - the Caiman Rawpower Forged Fairway Wood.

First, we started out with an ultra-thin maraging steel face insert to increase the ball speed coming off of the face approaching the legal COR limit for spring-like effect. This is no easy task as the small face area of a fairway wood does not flex nearly as much as a modern driver face.

In addition to the "hot" face we elected to utilize "cup face" technology. This moves the weld significantly behind the face will possess a greater trampoline effect over the entire hitting surface resulting into greater distance rather than just the center of the face.

For accuracy, most golfers can hit a 5-wood reasonably well, but when they need extra distance they pull their 3-wood out and all of the sudden they hit the club with less than satisfactory results.?hy? The extra 1 inch in length makes it a little harder to return the club to the ball in a square position. This is one reason why we decided to make the head heavier to increase the solidness of contact. Think of it as a very low lofted 5-wood.

Combined with the unique geometric shape we moved as much weight deep in the rear of the club as possible to create a very highest moment of inertia possible with a clubhead this size. This is the longest and straightest fairway wood we've ever produced, but it is still extremely user-friendly to hit off of the ground.

For those golfers serious about their game, the Caiman forged fairway is a must-have club to bridge the gap between the driver and their longest control club.

Note: Designed to be the same length and swingweight as a traditional #5-wood

Club - #3
Loft - 15 d
Lie - 59 d
Weight - 218 g
Face Angle - Square
Face Height - 35.5 mm
Volume - 180 cc
Std Clublength - 42 in
Hosel ID - 0.335 in