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Nextt Pulse PV Package Set

ID : HK-0003
Brand : Nextt
Condition :  New
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Material Components: Head, Forged A7075. stainless irons
Shaft, After Shock T7 Graphite by Apollo, Dual V Steel shafts by Apollo. Nextt exclusive
Grip, 2-Tone Perfect Feel micro Traction Black, Nextt exclusive.

Finish: Woods / hybrids dark copper in woods to black accented sole. Non painted areas feature mirrored chromed with black, red, and white fills.
Irons mirror finish, medallions with chromed mirror accents detailed with highlights of red and black.

Specification Details: -#1#3 woods #3 hybrid, 4-pw, putter, stand bag with hood (6 full length dividers 5 pockets). 3 head covers.