Integra 650cc Sooo Long Driver Head

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ID : DK-0239
Brand : Integra
Condition :  New
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The Integra 650cc Sooo Long is the biggest driver Pacific Golf Clubs sells. This head is so large it’s sure to be the topic of conversation at your next outing. The SP 700 beta titanium face provides a spring effect to create extra distance off the tee. And with the head being so large it’s hard to miss the ball. Keep in mind, because of the size of this head you will want to use a lower torque and stiffer shaft then you normally would because the toe of the driver is further from the shaft, thus it increases the torque on the shaft.

Head does not conform to the USGA’s standards due to its size

Extremely large hitting area and huge sweet spot

Original OEM Design


Driver Lie(+-1) 56

Driver Weight(+-3) 200 grams

Driver Volume 650cc

Face Height 70mm

Face Material SP 700 Beta Titanium

Face Angle 2 Degree Closed

Diameter .335 Parallel Tip

Color Black w/ Red