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iBella Bellissima Ti Driver - Custom Assembled

ID : HK-0024
Brand : iBella
Condition :  New
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Ultra-forgiving, the Bellissima driver is not only bold, but beautiful as well. The voluminous size and increased hitting surface will exude confidence at address. Coupled with additional loft, the ball will launch high off the tee for maximum distance. Lastly, it is finished in an exquisite gold PVD finish.

Base price assembled with iBella Bellissima Graphite and Karma Black Velvet Ladies grip.

Comes with FREE iBella Obsession Driver Headcover!

Club - Driver
Loft - 15 d
Lie - 57 d
Weight - 198 g
Face Angle - 1 d Closed
Face Height - 56.5 mm
Volume - 460 cc
Std Clublength - 44 in
Hosel ID - 0.335 in