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Ibella Bellissima Iron Club Heads

ID : Comp-I-HI-I1231A
Brand : iBella
Condition :  New
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The new Bellissima Irons are a truly unique ladies set, not only in design and concept, but for their stunning appearance and performance as well. Since women first stepped on a golf course, their clubs have been ill-equipped for their needs. Our design teamÁ_s goal was concentrated on a ladies-specific line tailored to become more user-friendly for todayÁ_s ladyÁ_s golfer. The Bellissima irons provide the proper amount of loft to propel the ball with an elevated trajectory, while the generous wide and contoured sole helps it glide smoothly across virtually any condition. Authentic Authentic Swarovski crystals embedded in the sole complement the striking butterfly medallion.