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i Drive Nitrogen Fairway Wood Club Head

ID : Comp-W-RJ-iDrive-Nitrogen
Brand : Integra
Condition :  New
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Compare to Callaway Razr Hawk

The Integra I Drive Nitrogen, Callaway Razr Hawk Style, driver uses a new aerodynamic design that reduces drag for faster club head speeds and more distance. Integra I Drive Nitrogen's new technology produces a golf club with a high Moment of Inertia for an optimized location for the Center of Gravity that allows a player to produce a draw or fade shot as desired. The I Drive Nitrogen driver produces a penetrating shot down the fairway. The Integra Nitrogen driver is a great choice for the low to high handicap golfer looking for improved distance and an enhanced ability to shape their shots.

Extremely high Moment of Inertia for increased stability on off center shots.

Traditional shape for a confident swing.