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Graman Crossfire Wood Shaft

ID : DK-0567
Brand : Graman
Condition :  New
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The Graman Crossfire Series allows clubmakers the flexability to fit a wide range of golfers. The unique combination flex design is available in R/S and A/L for both woods and irons. This high performance iron and wood series features a mid/low flex design the provides a higher ball flight for longer drives and soft-landing approach shots. This is a terrific shaft series for all levels of golfers.

Bend Point : Mid/Low
Launch Angle : Mid/High
Shaft Length : 46"
Tip Diameter : .335 Parallel
Parallel Tip Section : 4"

Color : Platinum
Torque : 5.9
Weight (gr) : 77
Butt Diameter : .590

Color : Metallic Black
Torque : 5.8
Weight (gr) : 85
Butt Diameter : .600