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Dynacraft Prophet ICT Hybrid - Custom Assembled

ID : HK-0080
Brand : Dynacraft
Condition :  New
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The Dynacraft Prophet ICT Hybrids feature full face progression. This characteristic, which is found on fairway woods, is important for those who hit the majority of hybrids on the market with a pull, draw or even hook flight pattern. The Prophet ICT is neutral biased so more accomplished players can confidently go after the ball without fear of hooking the ball.

A substantial amount of time was spent modeling to strategically place weight deep within the head for added stability, yet the elongated hosel length helps produce a more driving launch angle. We accomplished this by incorporating our exclusive Variable Crown Technology to reduce needless weight in the crown area. Plus the Variable Face Technology provides a more active strike zone and incredible feel at impact.

The Prophet ICT hybrids possess a player inspired size and shape, are a perfect combination with both the Prophet Tour and CNC Forged irons. This creates a set of hybrids and irons that can be perfectly matched for any course condition. The Prophet ICT Hybrids are assembled to the same length for predictable distances to replace the #2-4 irons. These heads also feature a four-way radius on the sole to be hit from a variety of lies and turf conditions. Note: The Prophet ICT Hybrids do not have Adjustable Hosel Technology.

Club: #2, #3, #4
Loft: 18 d, 21 d, 24 d
Lie: 59 d, 59.5 d, 60 d
Weight: 236 g, 243 g, 250 g
Bounce: 0 d
Face Angle: Square
Face Height: 35 mm
Offset: -11 mm
Volume: 113 cc, 108 cc, 103 cc
Std Clublength: 40 in, 39.5 in, 39 in
Hosel ID: 0.370 in