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Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver Club Heads

ID : Comp-T-HI-TW239
Brand : Dynacraft
Condition :  New
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Interchangeable shaft technology is all well and good, but what if you had technology that would allow you to adjust the lie and face angle of the clubhead itself This breakthrough technology is now available from the amazing new Dynacraft ICT. The ICT features a unique adjustable 8-position hosel. Each hosel position provides differing lie and face angles of the clubhead, allowing you to optimize the club for your swing tendencies. The hosel is instantly adjustable, which means you can make changes on-the-spot. The Prophet ICT driver is not designed as a fitting tool (although it can be used as one), rather a club you can be fit for on the spot and taken home or to the course immediately. As your game progresses or if you are simply looking for a change of new technology, additional shafts can be purchased. Imagine the possibilities of changing shafts quickly and efficiently without harming the shaft.