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Dynacraft Online Putter - Custom Assembled

ID : HK-0309
Brand : Dynacraft
Condition :  New
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The On-Line is a multi-functional putter that the first thing you will say, is why didn't someone come out with this before? For starters, the mallet design offers plenty of heel-toe weighting to ensure the ball rolls straight on its intended target.

The size of the horseshoe shaped opening was not only carefully selected to act an extremely effective alignment guide, but you can scoop up the ball without having to bend over.

If you look closely, there are two slits on either side of the putter. With the ball cradled while the putter is suspended in the air, these slit coincide exactly with the equator of the ball. Take a Sharpie pen and you can mark straight lines on both sides of the ball. Finally, no more digging in your bag looking for your ball marker tool, it is already built into the On-Line putter.

Align, Putt, Pick up, Mark your ball. The Dynacraft On-line putter does it all!