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Dynacraft ICT Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

ID : HK-0044
Brand : Dynacraft
Condition :  New
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The patent pending adjustable 8-position hosel defines the new Dynacraft Prophet ICT series for 2010 (available on driver and fairway woods). Each hosel position provides differing lie angles and face angles, allowing you to optimize the club to suit your swing tendencies. The hosel is instantly adjustable, and changes can be made on-the-spot.

The adjustable hosel is not designed as a fitting tool (although it can be used as one), rather it is fit and play: a club you can be fit for on the spot and played immediately. As your game progresses or if you are simply looking for a change of new shaft technology, additional shafts and adapters (#ICTADAPTER) can be purchased. Imagine the possibilities of changing shafts quickly and efficiently without harming the shaft.

The Dynacraft Prophet ICT series takes our revolutionary, patent pending interchangeable hosel adapter to the fairway woods. Now with the interchangeable Prophet ICT 8-position adapter each hosel insertion provides differing lie angles ranging from 2d upright to 2d; flat and face angles that range from 2d open to 2d closed, allowing you to optimize the club to suit your swing tendencies. Need a #3 fairway wood that can provide a draw on a certain hole and a #5 fairway wood that can create a cut for another? No problem. Purchase additional adapters (#ICTADAPTER) and you can interchange countless shafts on the market with an almost unlimited number of custom-fitting opportunities. The fairway woods feature the same shape and their compact size allows for some degree of workability that most behemoth geometric designs do not. Their variable face thickness provides for an incredible crisp sound and solid feel at impact.

Club - #3, #5, #7
Loft - 15 d, 18 d, 21 d
Lie - Variable
Weight - 212 g, 222 g, 232 g
Face Angle - Variable
Face Height - 34 mm
Volume - 145 cc, 137 cc, 130 cc
Std Clublength - 43 in, 42 in, 41 in
Hosel ID - 0.335 in