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Bag Boy Navigator 2 Electric-Motor Golf Cart

ID : BB 001
Brand : BagBoy
Condition :  New
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Technology Benefits of patented gyroscopic navigation technology:

» Intuitive navigation system keeps electric golf cart in-line

» No calibration of electronics required

» No interference from steel shafts or metal buildings

Bag Boy Navigator 2 electric golf cart also features:

• Soft braking for smooth operation and low profile

• Twin calibrated 140-watt motors ensure cart tracks straight

• 34 amp dry cell battery with cover and charger

• 360° swivel front wheel with suspension

• Adjustable handle fits golfers of all heights

• Removable seat with storage compartment

• Includes sand/seed bottle and holder, liquid holster and umbrella holder

• High modulus, aluminum frame tubing – 34.5 lbs