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Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid

Brand : ADAMS
Condition :  New
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When you pull the new Idea Tech V3 Hybrid from your bag, your confidence will swell knowing that this hybrid’s technology lineage comes from the same Idea Hybrids that have ranked #1 on the PGA Tour since 2008, the Champions Tour since 2005 and the Nationwide tour since 2006. The family of Idea Hybrids are played by more tour pros than any others because of the improvements and innovations from one generation of hybrids to the next.

And the easy-to-hit, sleek and sexy Idea Tech V3 Hybrid is a continuation of excellence. Engineered for players who want the very best materials, design and technology that is available in golf club design today, this hybrid delivers with exceptional performance, feel and looks. It truly is unmatched in golf.