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Aldila Serrano Shaft
Aldila Serrano Shaft

Aldila Serrano Shaft

ID : DK-0510
Brand : Aldila
Condition :  New
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The Aldila En Fuego shafts feature unique balance, weight, torque and flex properties designed to maximize the energy of your swing. The innovative high center of gravity increases the performance of modern clubhead designs. The 3 shafts in the series will have similar weight and torque but the flex profile will change to promote different ball flights. Each shaft in the series promotes a different ball flight, Serrano - a low to mid launch shaft, Wasabi - a mid launch shaft and Habanero - a mid to high launch shaft.

Bend Point : Mid/High

Launch Angle : Mid/Low

Color : Red

Shaft Length : 46"

Tip Diameter : .335 Parallel

Butt Diameter : .640

Parallel Tip Section: 2.5"


Torque : 4.5

Weight (gr) : 62


Torque : 4.2

Weight (gr) : 63