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Aldila RIP 60 Wood Shaft
Aldila RIP 60 Wood Shaft

Aldila RIP 60 Wood Shaft

ID : DK-0511
Brand : Aldila
Condition :  New
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The Aldila RIP employs patent-pending technology and exclusive materials to completely transform the shaft design from the inside out. RIP technology repositions the materials and patterns to maximize the flexural and torsional performance cjaracteristics of the carbon fiber. Thourhg the use of computer modeling technology and exclusive materials provided by the Aldila Materials Division, Aldila engineers were able to completely rethink golf shaft design and performance. The result is a revolutionary shaft with optimum flex and torque characteristics with incredible feel. In addition, the hoop strength, or cross sectional stability, of the shaft is also increased to provide greater shaft stability near the clubhead. RIP technology provides fpr a shaft with lower torque, increased tip stability, and better tip stiffness control than any shaft made with similar materials employing a conetional ply configuration.

Launch Angle : Low/Mid

Color : Black

Shaft Length : 46"

Tip Diameter : .335 Parallel

Butt Diameter : .595


Torque : 3.6

Weight (gr) : 62


Torque : 2.9

Weight (gr) : 63


Torque : 2.8

Weight (gr) : 70