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Integra Quadratic Offset Square Driver Head

ID : DK-0237
Brand : Integra
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The Integra SoooLong Quadratic Offset Driver is at the pinnacle of driver technology. This technology works by moving the weight further back on the driver and more towards the heel and toe--hence the square shape. The offset design and closed face allows more time for the clubhead to close promoting a powerful draw. This way, it creates a more forgiving driver. To understand this driver, it's important to understand Moment of Inertia (MOI). MOI is the term applied to how resistant the clubhead is to twisting when a ball is struck. For example, if your swing is a little off and you hit the ball on the toe of the clubhead, a clubhead with a higher MOI will twist less as a result of the mis-hit. This creates a better chance that the ball will still go where you intended and with less loss of distance. Testing has shown 8-10 percent improvement with regards to accuracy on mis-hit shots. Combine this new square-like shape with a carbon fiber crown and explosive beta titanium and you will have the hottest driver for the season!


Driver Lie(+-1) 59

Driver Weight(+-3) 199 grams

Driver Volume 460cc

Face Height 56.5mm

Face Material 15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium

Face Angle 3 Degrees Closed

Face Thickness 3.0-2.2mm

Diameter .335 Parallel Tip

Bulge/Roll 13"/11"

Hosel Depth 34.5mm

Color Black